Sapphire helps balance the emotions. It brings calmness to the mind and helps you understand feelings more clearly. Work with this stone to increase inner strength and improve self esteem. With a greater sense of self understanding and further self exploration of your finer qualities, self confidence increases and general happiness ensues. This calming stone also relieves anger and frustration.


Ethiopian Opal are excellent crystals to use for psychic development. They may be used in meditation to help to boost the ability to see the future, also known as precognition. They are known for the way they aid astral travel, helping to strengthen psychic communication and enhance intuition.


Each of these stones are stunning in their own right making an amazing pendant when paired together.  Wrapped in Sterling Silver fill wire, this pendant measures 1 3/4" tall by 1/4" wide.   A small but mighty beauty. 

Sapphire and Ethiopian Opal

SKU: N781